Sessions flap shows a Trump administration under constant oppo pressure

Yesterday, we saw that the Democrats will not stop until they destroy the ability of the Trump administration to enact any meaningful legislation and make the changes he was elected to accomplish.  Senator Schumer and his cohorts in the Senate have muddied the waters enough to confuse people regarding Attorney General Sessions's truthfulness.  It is possible that former president Obama might have prompted his outgoing administration to leak the information regarding the Russian computer hacking of the DNC and attempts to disrupt our electoral process to damage the Trump program's effectiveness.

It is clear that the media will continue to utilize this information to undermine Trump.   For the next four years, the opposition media will search for anything to pin on Trump's head and make him the target of ethical questions.  Therefore, it is incumbent on Donald Trump to outsmart these "swampy" monsters.  The president should have a respected, honest investigator, such as former attorney general Michael Mukasey, lead the effort to uncover all relevant material concerning the Russian computer intrusions.  In this way, he can move this item off the front pages of the papers and nightly news reports.

President Trump cannot have his achievements reduced or eviscerated by the Democrats using attacks on his ethics.  They fear that his policies will be successful, which will marginalize the Democrats for a decade.  If they can delay his appointments long enough, then he cannot fill the operational positions in the agencies and Cabinet.  Then they can continue the damaging leaks that challenge Trump's legitimacy.

The opposition has already caused the loss of General Flynn.  He was a registered Democrat with more conservative social views.  He was willing to argue against Obama policies regarding ISIS.  He became a "traitor" as a result.

Now they seek Jeff Sessions, since he would lead an investigation against the leakers.  The leaks are illegal.  Congressional leaders see foreign ambassadors regularly.  Destroying Sessions's effectiveness will allow these embedded Obama holdovers to continue the dripple of questionable material.

The aim of the opposition is to delay and destroy from the murky depths where few will tread.  The Democrats have their own issues to reconcile, such as Senator McCaskill's misleading tweet about Russian contacts.  But the press will not ruin her as a result.   

Today, President Trump went to the new aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford, but this effort was drowned out by the hyped news on Putin's Russia.  It is necessary to end this issue for good.

Draining the swamp will be harder than thought initially.  Those monsters take down their prey.  Trump has to get the Obama holdovers out fast!

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