A child in the Little League understands the rules

Even children playing in Little League understood the rules of baseball.  And these rules were understood even when they weren't participating in an organized form of baseball like Little League, or baseball in high school or college.  The rules of baseball were understood (and honored) during a sandlot game.  Ninety-nine point nine percent of parents could explain the rudiments of baseball rules to their children.

The key rule in playing baseball is that the winner of the game is the team that has the most runs.  Not the most hits, not the least errors, not the biggest stadium – simply which team scored the most runs within nine innings.

Unfortunately, it appears that Democrats failed to understand that very simple and easily understood rule.

Democrats prefer to make up rules after the game is over.  For over two hundred years, presidential elections have been determined by the number of electoral votes gained by any contestant.  Only electoral votes count.  The popular vote might be interesting; it might even set a record; it may be the result of extensive preparation.  But it is not the reason you win the election.  The popular vote is not counted toward winning.

A seven-year-old child understands the concept.  Theoretically, in a nine-inning game, it is possible for a team to get three singles in every inning and still not score a single run.  During that same theoretical game, their opponents could strike out twenty-six times, and then the very last batter, in the very last inning, could hit a home run.  So at the end of the ninth inning, the score would be 1-0.  There would be a winner, and it would be an uncontested winner.

Even the most mentally deficient snowflake in this country would understand that his team didn't win even if they got more hits than the winner.  He would understand that the winner got the only hit that really counted – the one that resulted in a home run.

The Democrats, pathetically, are now claiming that (in that same theoretical game) they won the game because they got more hits, even though they had exactly no runs.

I suggest that those of us who are well past simply being tired of this nonsense from the left about how unqualified Donald Trump is to be president attend town hall meetings in Democrat districts.  Question these members of the brain trust of the Democratic Party on why a child can understand how the rules are written for a baseball game, yet these lawyers and other geniuses of the left can't seem to understand how the Constitution of the United States is written.  The Constitution is a lot shorter than the rules of baseball.  It shouldn't be all that difficult to understand.

Trump won.  How qualified or unqualified Donald Trump is to be president is immaterial – just as whether or not Hillary was qualified or unqualified to be president makes no difference.  There were two candidates.  Trump won; Clinton lost.

Returning to the baseball analogy, most Americans understand that pitchers are not normally considered great hitters.  This is why, in many cases, substitute players are allowed to bat in place of a pitcher.  But in the example of a home run hit in the bottom half of the ninth inning being the deciding hit that won the game, the person who hit that home run could very well have been the pitcher.  The Democrats are now saying, "Well, if it was the pitcher who hit the home run, then it really doesn't count, because we all know that pitchers aren't good batters."

This rationalization is not simply a case of Democrats not understanding the rules of the game.  Rather, it is a case of being completely out of touch with the way the world works. 

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