President Trump owes Mark Levin a debt of gratitude

Just a week ago, President Trump was embattled. Democrats were lining up to go before cameras to ask, "Did [Trump associate X] meet with the Russians?  When?  What did they say?  We need a full investigation!" Trump was clearly on the defensive. And then, on Thursday, all of a sudden, talk show host Mark Levin connected the dots.  He asked himself a simple question: how did the media and Democrats know that Trump associates had talked to the Russians, however innocuous the contacts may have been?  The information had come from government leaks.  And how did the government know?  Quite obviously, it must have been monitoring members of the Trump campaign. It was at that point that Levin pieced together the scattered press reports showing that the Obama administration had, apparently, been monitoring members of the Trump campaign – a very, very political thing to do during an election campaign. Once Mark put it out there on...(Read Full Post)