Pitzer College is Failing its Students

  Pitzer College, one of the prestigious Claremont Colleges, is an unabashedly far, far left institution which grants undergraduate degrees at more than $66,000 per year.  The latest viral news story coming out of Pitzer is that some so-called "people of color" are now beseeching (strong-arming) white women to not wear hoop earrings because wearing them is a politically-incorrect cultural appropriation (never mind that hoop earrings were worn by the ancient Parthians).   Per the Claremont Independent, (which, as its name implies, is a student-run tabloid distributed to students at the Claremont Colleges), A wall on the side of a dormitory at Pitzer College devoted to unmoderated free speech through art (colloquially named “the free wall”), was recently painted by a group of Latino students who wrote the message, “White Girl, take off your [hoop earrings]!!!” When one white student expressed confusion about the...(Read Full Post)