Partisanship with the scent of Reid

Maybe retired senator Harry Reid keeps up with the U.S. Senate these days.  Or maybe he is hiding from the ugly mess he left behind.  Who knows, and who cares?     Back in my school days, I recall that a history teacher said the Founders had created the Senate as a firewall against the passions of the day.  As George Washington put it, the Senate is the saucer where we cool off the tea. I guess we need a new saucer, because this one is not cooling the tea, the coffee, or anything else. The U.S. Senate looks more and more like a place for partisanship rather than statesmanship, as Michael Barone wrote: Democrats have consistently been more willing to attempt to defeat or discredit nominees of Republican presidents than vice versa.  Few Republican senators voted against confirmation of Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor or Kagan; many Democratic senators voted against confirmation of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice...(Read Full Post)