McCain, Graham join the Opposition Party to attack Nunes

Devin Nunes reported that he has seen intelligence documents that show that President Trump and members of his transition were "incidentally" caught up in some investigation, probably pursuant to a FISA warrant. This "incidental investigation" is likely the source of the leaks by the Obama administration to its spokesmen in the mainstream media such as the N.Y. Times, which ran stories about "intercepted messages" and "wiretaps." The Nunes revelation supports Trump's claim that he was "wiretapped," a shorthand way of saying he was under surveillance by the Obama administration.  Seems as if the N.Y. Times did not realize that its headlines and story would support the Trump claim.  This was a gaffe by the N.Y. Times, which means it inadvertently printed the truth, which is not part of the Opposition Party storyline. Democrats, as usual, circle the wagons to protect Obama. As part of their playbook calls for...(Read Full Post)