It's thinking diversity that the newsrooms need

Once upon a time, media leaders were told to rearrange their newsrooms.  And so they brought in more people of color to make the newsrooms more relevant. A bit later, they were told to change the gender breakdown – i.e., not enough ladies.  So they brought in more ladies. In the end, the newsrooms had more people of color and more ladies, but they were just as liberal and coastal as they were when it was white men sitting at the desk. Nate Silver's new installment on the 2016 election will hopefully get a lot of discussion at journalism schools, and especially media staff meetings.    It is the biggest indictment on everything that is wrong with these newsrooms written in quite some time: The political diversity of journalists is not very strong, either.  As of 2013, only 7 percent of them identified as Republicans (although only 28 percent called themselves Democrats with the majority saying they were...(Read Full Post)