After a handful of days of congressional testimony, Neil Gorsuch exposed the Democrats as being...well, ignorant of the law.

If it had been a heavyweight fight, the referee would have been negligent in not calling the fight after the first or second round.

But, lo and behold, the fight went the full ten rounds, with Gorsuch specifically, and Republicans generally, standing tall, as unanimous winners on all cards.

One Democrat after another exposed his ignorance of the Constitution and its application to the rule of law.  Neil Gorsuch was nearly flawless, answering idiotic question after idiotic question.  He exposed not only Democrats on the dais, but Progressivism generally.

Chuckie Schumer has announced that he will filibuster Neil Gorsuch's nomination.

Many an armchair pundit has suggested that Republicans apply the "nuclear option" (or the Reid rule) by changing the Senate rules to allow for allowing confirmation with a simple majority.  I don't oppose this strategy, necessarily, but I would prefer to see Republicans take their case to the American people and force the Democrats hands.

Republicans should use Gorsuch's unanimous confirmation decision to thump Democrats, particularly Democrats up for re-election in 2018. Neil Gorsuch is eminently qualified.  He was confirmed unanimously a decade ago, by many of the same Democrats who now claim to withhold their vote to send him to the Supreme Court.

We (Republicans) are terrible at advancing our tactical strengths and attacking Democrat weaknesses.  Beat Democrats over the head with Neil Gorsuch until they throw in the towel and scream, "No más."

We must stop governing as though we were not in power.  Weakness invites attack.  This is something Chuck Schumer fully understands, as Harry Reid did before him.  Why must we constantly respond to moves made by our political adversaries?  We won in 2010.  We won congressional seats in 2012.  We won in 2014.  We won bigly in 2016.

We must use our strength to destroy the Democratic Party apparatus.  They are working tirelessly to destroy us.  

If we're not careful, and if we allow the Progressive Party a foothold, we'll be Gorsuched, as we were Borked years ago.  Grow a spine.  Trust that you are working on behalf of the majority of the American people, and move forward.

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