After a handful of days of congressional testimony, Neil Gorsuch exposed the Democrats as being...well, ignorant of the law. If it had been a heavyweight fight, the referee would have been negligent in not calling the fight after the first or second round. But, lo and behold, the fight went the full ten rounds, with Gorsuch specifically, and Republicans generally, standing tall, as unanimous winners on all cards. One Democrat after another exposed his ignorance of the Constitution and its application to the rule of law.  Neil Gorsuch was nearly flawless, answering idiotic question after idiotic question.  He exposed not only Democrats on the dais, but Progressivism generally. Chuckie Schumer has announced that he will filibuster Neil Gorsuch's nomination. Many an armchair pundit has suggested that Republicans apply the "nuclear option" (or the Reid rule) by changing the Senate rules to allow for allowing confirmation with a simple majority....(Read Full Post)