El Chapo and 'The Jackal' back in the news

As we watch the left derail into madness – i.e., Rachel Maddow and Trump's tax returns – let's catch up with a couple of Latin American personalities of the past.  Let's recall a couple of oldies who earned their spurs by killing innocent people. Let's start with El Chapo, the cartel leader now entering the Manhattan phase of his life.  As you may remember, he escaped and got caught, and then he escaped and got caught again. This update is from El País: While El Chapo awaits trial, he is being kept in complete isolation, and can only talk to his lawyers from behind a glass screen.  He has no contact with his wife, Emma Coronel, and she in turn is receiving no news about him.  He is unaware of the increasingly bloody power struggle taking place within the Sinaloa cartel in the wake of his extradition, or that Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, with whom he wanted to make a movie about his own life, has a...(Read Full Post)