Apocalyptic liberalism

Let us delve again into the so-called "mind" of the modern liberal. These folks are terrified at the prospect of "global warming," which they are convinced will bring about the planet's doom in a century or so.  Science has proclaimed this, they say. What they propose is that mankind abandon civilization and return to a post-industrial world without cars, trains, and automobiles, shunning electricity except what they can generate with windmills.  This to avoid broiling the planet. Yet millions of liberals live in the Northwest corner of the United States. There, reputable scientists assure us, cataclysmic events not only are certain, but could happen any day! Millions of people in Seattle and Portland and parts between are only moments from death. First, tectonic plates in the ocean just 30 miles offshore are butting heads and will cause catastrophic earthquakes.  The last was in 1700, and they are overdue now. Those will...(Read Full Post)