U.S. airlines flee Castro's island hellhole

President Obama made a big deal about the resumption of U.S. carrier travel to Cuba.  JetBlue in particular got Obama's accolades.  After all, when the president of the United States sets the example for Cuba tourist travel, showing how it's all tropical music, classic cars, Cuban cigars, mojitos, and dancing like Beyoncé out on the Malecón, who could resist? Today, JetBlue has cut back its flights "to better match demand."  And in the last few days, it has been joined by two other airliners, Silver and Frontier, fleeing for their lives like Marielitos.  They all said demand isn't what they expected. This is a fancy way of saying what's really going on: Cuba is a tourist hellhole.  The service stinks, the amenities are gross, the place is thick with thieves and woman-gropers, the cost is high, and the alternatives are out there.  In fact, the Caribbean is loaded with pleasant,...(Read Full Post)