A day without brains โ€“ I mean women

I truly wonder what other people from countries around the world think of us when they see pictures like the one below at this site.  This represents the "Day Without A Woman" rallies being held throughout the country.  These pictures come from ground zero – the Bay Area.   First there is the vacuous "Love is Love," whatever that means.  Then there is "Take Your Broken Heart.  Make It Into Art."  Another inane remark.  The lady holding up "Liar in Chief is NOT My President" wouldn't be talking about President Obama – would she?  After all, he was the one who was paying less to his female employees.  It was the British Daily Mail, who asserted: All of President Barack Obama's employees may not be treated equally in the White House, as recently released financial records show that female employees earn significantly less than their male...(Read Full Post)