What kind of men are attracted to electric cars?

I was listening to an NPR report on the Chevy Bolt, an electric car that is very reasonably priced (if you're a millionaire).  But the thing that struck me was how most of the people being interviewed, the people who were interested or knowledgeable about electric cars, were mostly very effeminate-sounding men. The men interviewed spoke in soft, hushed tones, speaking almost musically, as if their voices had been "auto-tuned" like a Britney Spears song.  And they stretched out certain vowel sounds to give an especially feminine lilt to their voices, saying things like: I like the fact I'm not pollu-taaang... The drop in prices has flipped the market on its heeeead... It's not just environmental groups saaaying this, that really encouuuraging... ...Making technoooology not just for cars in the You-Esss... So the question has to be asked: why are effeminate men attracted to electric cars? I think, like some ladies, effeminate men...(Read Full Post)