Voting with their wallets

It's an age-old question: what's wrong with this picture? A few days ago, I captured an interesting moment that, in a single image, describes eloquently one of the most egregious violations of trust being perpetrated against the public.  I won't call it an "unsuspecting" public, because anyone who is not at least suspicious about what is reported by the mainstream media, and what so-called "scientific polls" purport to reflect about public sentiment, is keeping himself in intentional ignorance. Of particular interest is the perpetrator in this case: none other than President Trump's personal favorite media outlet, CNN.  Deepening the suspicion is the fact that the CNN story shown here is based on a Gallup poll. Much has already been spoken of and shown on the issues of bogus polling and fake news, much of it by the president himself.  Consider this my thousand words:   This screenshot is from general Apple news...(Read Full Post)