Uniting America requires a leader, not a boss

President Trump promised to unite us, repeating several times that he inherited a divided nation.  True enough.  His predecessor had presented himself also as the one not only to stop the oceans from rising, but to unite us into one America, as spoken of in his speeches at the time of his debut on the national scene.  Eight years later, we know that the opposite was the result.  Racially, the division deepened as President Obama's first attorney general, Eric Holder, lined up with "his people."  Obama invariably sided against law enforcement if the so-called victims were black.  Politically, his "blame America" rhetoric did not sit well with hardworking, patriotic Americans.  Their resentment was expressed to the Democrats on November 8.  Donald Trump inherited and owns this divide and says he'll fix it. Protests by women, students and teachers, immigrants, athletes, and artists are increasing.  Their...(Read Full Post)