There's no god in the climate change machine

Some say "God" might reside in a computer...the Deus ex Machina.  Among those individuals are those divining climate with computer-based general circulation models.  This has generated a belief system to the effect that all variables that drive global climate at all time scales have been identified, that they have been quantified as to individual contribution and interactions, and that chaotic variability is foreseeable.  At the current state of scientific knowledge, such belief is intellectual hubris masquerading as achieved scientific endeavor. Massachusetts Institute of Technology pioneering meteorologist and mathematician Professor Edward Lorenz doubted this ability in the 1960s.  The serendipitous discoverer of chaos theory postulated, "Is there such a thing as a climate?"  Is there a definable "normal global climate" from which deviations might be termed abnormal?  Lorenz's 1965 paper includes the following:...(Read Full Post)