The second civil war is coming

Wars begin when, in a major crisis, no peaceful solution can be found.  We are at or near that point. The political left considers us irremediably evil and dangerous.  Thusly do they justify engaging in violence, sending their version of "Brown Shirts" onto college campuses to prevent our side from even speaking.  It's Kristallnacht 2017. Their ministries of propaganda (otherwise known as the mainstream news media) are working full steam ahead, vilifying us and lying about every action President Trump takes.  Their armies of lawyers are clearly intending to clog up the courts with so many lawsuits and other legal tactics as to paralyze the Trump administration from achieving anything.  The left will yield nothing, not so much as an inch of ground, without political bloodshed. They will jam the airports and block the highways and other choke points of our infrastructure, with as many protesters as Soros's money can buy.  And...(Read Full Post)