The scandal-plagued Trump regime

This week, the same people in the media and the Democratic Party leadership who applauded then-senator Obama's world diplomatic tours in 2008 managed to take their first Trump administration scalp: that of General Michael Flynn – and based on little more than rumor and innuendo at that. Meanwhile Obama is said to be plotting leftist resistance to Trump, the media is encouraging hate and violence against Republicans, thousands are publicly weighing a Trump assassination against what might have been had Beppo Romer and Nikolaus von Halem succeeded in ridding the world of Adolf Hitler in 1934, and an activist judiciary seems to be gearing up to partner with the bureaucracy to resist and reverse every policy and every initiative the American people want the federal government to act on. This is inappropriate, untenable, and likely to get worse – within weeks, the ridiculous title of this rant is going to be Accepted Truth on major media outlets from CNN and...(Read Full Post)