The Philadelphia soda tax and leftism

The People's Republic of Philadelphia now taxes the consumption of sugar.  Yes, sugar.  As in glucose, fructose, sucrose.  You know, the essential fuels for all animal life.  Those guys. The leftists who govern Philadelphia would say they are taxing only the excessive consumption of sugar, but then again, how does that determining go? Leftists love centralized planning.  It is in their DNA.  The fact that it was a monumental, epochal failure in the Soviet Union or more recently Venezuela need not concern us, I suppose. I would like to point out, as a local Philadelphian, two likely unforeseen consequences of this latest enlightened, progressive means of running a failing city.  First, the consumer purchases now being made just outside city limits are booming.  It's a grand time to own a store just outside city boundaries.  Now, this not only cheats the city out of tax revenue, as soda (and other sugar-containing...(Read Full Post)