The real message of Democrats’ anger and protests

While Donald Trump may be the ostensible target of all the maniacal Democrat political wrath and public protests, the reality of the matter is far more sinister.  Truth is, the real targets of all that insane anger and adolescent denial are folks like you and me who voted for Trump and, even more so, all the inhabitants of those American counties displayed in red on this 2016 election map, especially those that actually counted toward Trump's electoral victory.

Democrats taunt that Clinton won the popular vote, but the truth is, Trump won 2,600 counties compared to Hillary's 500.  One hundred of Clinton's counties were the most populous in America, which gave her that popular vote margin.  Without those 100 counties, she would have lost by 11.5 million votes.  She was quite clearly the urban favorite, but even more clearly, she and her party were thoroughly rejected throughout the land that lies between the coasts.

Democrats looking at this map are frightened, and that fear breeds their irrational anger, outbursts, and demonstrations.  They can easily see that this is no longer nationwide politics as usual.  Dems so hate Trump for denying them Hillary that they do not believe that our vote has a value equal to their own, which it most likely would not, should their totalitarian views ever prevail.  But look at our America as it showed itself to be in November 2016, and it is conspicuously clear that the Democratic Party, while operating at the fringes of sanity, is also quite literally operating at the geographic fringes of our nation, with Hawaii being their most distant dependency.

A commenter at American Thinker last week noted that Trump voters make up a vast geopolitical entity between Interstate-5 and Interstate-95, which is generally true except for some major urban centers, most college towns, and a few counties with Hispanic, black, or Native American majorities.  Other blue counties are attributable to what I call coastal carcinomas, most in the Rocky Mountain states, where wealthy coastal, environmentalist émigrés pursue their ongoing, metastatic process of poisoning local political waters with their elitist liberal lunacy.

The key lesson for conservatives is that with their stubborn refusal to accept Donald Trump as their president, the Democrats are telling us that our vote is invalid.  It is but a small step from that to a totalitarian belief that we conservatives are undeserving of any vote at all.  This map says otherwise.  Old lefty folk singer Woody Guthrie may be spinning quite furiously in his grave right now, but the pure red-hued truth is, for all you conservative Trump voters:

"This Land Is Your Land..."


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