Super Bowl Sunday in Charm City

My 89-year-old black preacher dad's heart attack had Mary and me rushing from Florida to Baltimore, Maryland.  Dad is doing fine.  Praise God. While in town, I visited my 60-something-year-old cousin in the hospital suffering with diabetes.  They amputated half his foot.  Sadly, he is scheduled for them to amputate his leg up to his knee.  What do you say to someone who is about to lose his leg?  I prayed for wisdom.  My visit with him was wonderful.  It strengthened my resolve to seriously deal with my challenges with the disease. Dad was out of the hospital.  I dropped in at his home to discover that he was hosting a Super Bowl party.  His home was filled with black seniors from his church.  Dad proudly introduced me as his eldest son.  They were all Democrats and Falcons fans. The conversation turned to education. Surprisingly, a guest said she thought it's wrong for schools to allow black students to...(Read Full Post)