Popularizing the meme of Trump-as-fascist

There is an all-out campaign to plant the words "fascist" and "Trump" together in the public mind.  Josef Goebbels and the advertising industry both know that if people hear or read a pair words together often enough, the brain starts associating them automatically.  This is the theory behind The Big Lie and is also the theory behind advertising that puts the concepts of "Coke" and "refreshing" together so often. Thus, we have David Brooks, of the New York Times and PBS, expounding on taxpayer-subsidized airways and invoking the f-word for our president.  The entire 12-minute segment is embedded below for those who enjoy being condescended to, but the nut of his rant was excerpted by our friends at Breitbart: [T]he attack on the press, highlighted by the tweets today saying, that my newspaper, NBC, all these organizations are enemies of the people. Well, if you want to draw rhetoric straight out of the fascist...(Read Full Post)