Mob brawl breaks out at Australian mosque (video)

The Religion of Peace strikes again, as mob violence breaks out between two factions at a mosque in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Preston.  The great Andrew Bolt of the Herald-Sun reports: Islam means peace. Islam means peace. Islam means ... well, also this: DRAMATIC footage has emerged of a fight outside a Preston mosque. The Sunday Herald Sun understands the dispute was sparked over the banning of Sheik Abdou Eid. The footage showed a large crowd of men pushing and shoving outside the mosque on Friday. Sheik Eid has stood down from his role but did not return the Sunday Herald Sun's calls. Here is the video:   So far as I can tell, both sides are shouting "Allahu akbar!"  Ordinarily, this is translated as "God is great!" – but people who know Arabic tell me that the actual meaning is "Allah is supreme!" – i.e., better than the gods of other religions. Bolt...(Read Full Post)