Jewish cemeteries and the soul of America

In the United States, protection of a cemetery is regulated under municipal and state law.  Not all states have explicit protections against deliberate desecration of burial places, although some, like New York, not only have them, but are in the process of strengthening their legal codes.  More needs to be done to make the perpetrators of these crimes pay dearly for what they have done, because they have vandalized and harmed the soul of America. A cemetery is more than the final resting place of loved ones.  The cemetery represents the history of a community and sometimes the history of the United States. Jewish cemeteries are particularly poignant reminders of community and history.  I can give an example from personal experience. My parents and my brother; both sets of grandparents, aunts, and uncles; and the families of friends I grew up with are all buried in an active cemetery near Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  My great grandparents, at least on my...(Read Full Post)