Israel's Ambassador Danon interrupted by protesters at Columbia University

Israel's ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon, spoke to a crowd of 300 at Columbia University Monday night, hosted by the Columbia University chapter of Students Supporting Israel.  A large anti-Israel crowd outside Lerner Hall protested the event. The groups Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Columbia University Apartheid Divest, Barnard Columbia Socialists, and Columbia Against Trump coordinated the protest on the Facebook page "Racists Not Welcome: Protest the Israeli Ambassador at Columbia."  Reasons given to protest Danon included his desire to "annex the West Bank" and his "abandoning even the pretence [sic] of the 'two-state solution.'"  They also accused Danon of being "a cheerleader for Trump and the Republican fight" and alleged that "from racist walls to repressive border policing, Trump copies Israel."  And that "Danon is the official representative of a...(Read Full Post)