Hysteria in California as 160 illegals arrested

Fears of a massive round up of illegal aliens in California were ginned up by illegal alien activists as immigration authorities carried out a routine operation to arrest those who ignored deportation orders or were convicted of felonies in the US. The operation netted about 160 illegals. Since there are about 2.4 million illegals in southern California, you have to wonder why thousands protested the "round up" of criminal aliens in downtown Los Angeles. There were other arrests across the country, mostly in big cities. But considering the panic that activists have generated over these routine sweeps by ICE - carried out in the Obama administration as well - it's a fair question to ask if the hysteria is justified. CNN: Across the United States, some unauthorized immigrants are keeping their children home from school. Others have suspended after-school visits to the public library. They have given up coffee shop trips and weekend restaurant dinners with...(Read Full Post)