How Trump won the presidency

  If you want to know how a man with a lifetime of winning ways in business and media won the presidency despite 1. being outspent 2:1 2. ninety-percent negative press coverage 3. losing every debate 4. two divorces 5. four trips to bankruptcy court 6. and a few uncouth quotes, read Don Surber’s latest book, Trump the Establishment: The Elitists Never Learned in 2016. Relive the attacks by "Cadillac conservatives" and limousine liberals, incestuous and ethically (and professionally) compromised media, armies of lobbyists and political consultants used to enriching themselves while not advancing their candidates' interests, pollsters and prognosticators, an out-of-touch Republican establishment, and political dynasties playing from the same hoary handbooks. It's accurate, riveting, amusing, and insightful.    (Read Full Post)