Governor Moonbeam shakes the begging cup

California's Governor Jerry Brown (aka Governor Moonbeam) has got a lot of nerve.  A case in point is his request of the federal government for $162 million to cover the recent damage from a series of intense winter storms. And that was before the recent damage at the state's Oroville Dam.  While asking for emergency federal physical assistance (trucks, helicopters, tents, etc.) for the crisis is entirely appropriate, Moonbeam wants President Trump to use maybe $200 million of federal funds for repairs to the damaged structure, one owned and operated by the State of California, incidentally built by the current governor's father, Pat Brown, when he was governor in the 1960s. If the political leadership of the State of California, all Democrats, were frugal stewards of the state's expenditures, with every tax dollar wisely allocated to pressing needs, perhaps a helping hand might be extended.  But let's take a look at the...(Read Full Post)