Georgetown professor defends Islamic slavery and 'non-consensua'l sex

Jonathan Brown, a professor at Georgetown University and a prominent Muslim scholar, delivered a lecture in which he defended Islamic slavery and incidents of non-consensual sex. Brown claims that because Muslims slaves have some "rights," that the institution was akin to Medievil feudalism rather than the chattel slavery found in the American south. The lecture has to be seen to be believed. Rod Dreher points out the dilemma for modern Muslims if they accept the fact that Muhammad was a slave owner. “Are you more morally mature than the Prophet of God?” Brown says. “No, you’re not.” So, there you have it. If Muhammad held slaves, how bad could slavery really be? It’s a challenging point, actually: if the Prophet behaved in a certain way, who are Muslims today to stand in judgment of him and what he did? If we say that slavery is evil, are we not implicitly condemning the Prophet as an evildoer? Can a Muslim do that...(Read Full Post)