Five festering problems the Democrats cynically ignore

Our national media have a knack for missing important trends.  They are focused on what is seen as general confusion and a lack factual fidelity in the Trump administration.  The media miss entirely the contrast in adult responsible behavior by Republicans and the increasingly irresponsible Democrats.  Republicans at all levels of government are trying to solve America's problems.  Democrats are, at best, indifferent; it requires only a sliver of cynicism to conclude that very liberal Democrats are actually working to make our problems worse. Here's a review of five of our most pressing problems.  If I'm missing some good works from the Democrats, I'd love to hear about them. 1. Bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare.  Left uncorrected, the financial weakness of these programs either will result in default on their obligations or will drive our country into bankruptcy.   From George W. Bush to Paul Ryan, Republicans have...(Read Full Post)