Fake News: Presidential security and the WaPo

One of the running jokes I used in my intelligence officer days was, “I routinely read the propaganda of America’s enemies. Pravda, Izvestia, The Worker’s Daily and The New York Times.  We can add The Washington Post. A recent meme on the Internet shows the purported cost of security for the Trumps in New York: Occupy Democrats ranks up there with MSNBC, Politico and the Puffington Host.  When you want it out but even the Onion says, “Hey, we gotta have some credibility,” you go there.   But this particular story has a link to another source of fake news, The Washington Post.  The show great concern about the cost security of the Trump family and how much this is costing the taxpayers: In New York, the city is paying $500,000 a day to guard Trump Tower, according to police officials’ estimates, an amount that could reach $183 million a year. A half-million a day for the City of New York?  Let’s...(Read Full Post)