End climate propaganda

It's time to stop wasting taxpayer funds on climate propaganda masquerading as "research." In Australia, the CSIRO; the BOM; government universities and media; and federal, state, and local governments are all wasting our money trying to prove that the trace amount of colorless CO2 gas produced by human activities is producing dangerous global warming. With a solidarity that makes North Korea look distinctly liberal, they have relentlessly claimed that "the science is settled."  This "fixed opinion," supported by a deluge of government cash and media control, means that open-minded research is impossible – all we get is one-eyed propaganda, doctored data, and vilification of skeptics. Worldwide, taxpayers have financed over 100 computer models requiring massive computers with a well paid priesthood, all trying (unsuccessfully) to forecast global climate trends.  If they worked, one is enough.  Bigger, faster, more...(Read Full Post)