A late Sunday sermon

Today, I felt led to allow two little white girls around nine and eight years old to go ahead of me in line with their few snacks.  There was a problem with a barcode.  The littlest girl ran back to get the same item with a readable barcode. The checkout line next to us was free and clear.  I felt led not to move to another line.  The girls needed to see my patience.  When the girl returned, there was another problem.  The girls were 62 cents short of cash.  I told the clerk to add the 62 cents to my bill.  With their eyes wide with amazement, the two adorable girls simultaneously, politely, and singsongily said, "Thank you." As they walked way, I caught them looking back at me.  Evil people are out there despicably promoting and spreading racial hate.  If the little girls hear someone trashing all blacks saying, "Black people are...," perhaps they will remember the black man who was kind to them....(Read Full Post)