Wynton Marsalis nails it on performers boycotting the inauguration

As some performers disgrace themselves with dishonored vows to leave the U,S. upon Trump’s election and petulant bullying of peers who dare express willingness to perform at the inaugural, a genuine star has put them all to shame.  Wynton Marsalis posted an essay on Facebook that deserves to be read in its entirety: In the countdown to Friday's inauguration, I find myself being asked - at least once a day - whether or not I would agree to play at the festivities, if invited. Yesterday, while fellowshipping with a number of college-aged youngsters, both my willingness to perform, and my interest in joining a protest were called into question. "Would I perform, if asked?" "Yes," I said. "Would you protest the accepted outcome of the election?" "No," I said, and quickly followed up with, "I'll at least wait for him (or them) to actually do something that I feel should be protested against.” Well, not...(Read Full Post)