When James Clapper got away with perjury

Director of national intelligence James Clapper, who resigned rather than serve under President-Elect Donald Trump  is now certain, where he wasn't so certain before, that sophisticated Russian hackers were behind the revelation of the DNC's and John Podesta's emails.  This is the John Podesta whose password was "password."  Clapper now says "we assess" that the Russians hacked the John Podesta and the DNC under direct orders of Vladimir Putin for the purpose of releasing information damaging the credibility of Hillary Clinton and helpful to Donald Trump. Clapper did not address why the Russians would want to help Trump, who has pledged to rebuild our military, modernize our nuclear arsenal, and drill like there's no tomorrow for oil, the only thing of value the Russians have to sell.  Nor did he address the fact that the emails detailing the corruption, bigotry, and collusion among the media and the Democrats and Hillary...(Read Full Post)