We need more Airborne Rangers in Congress

We get so many pleas for money in our little retirement household from politicians that most never get a second look except during gubernatorial, senatorial, and presidential elections.  I confess, however, that there is a single word that, should it catch my eye regardless of the office, ensures a closer examination, and that word is veteran.  Even there, though, my eye is yet further discriminating, searching for evidence of more than just service to our country, looking for proof of time served in ground combat arms organizations and more specifically for direct ground combat experience.  The closer the candidate has served to the pointy end of the spear in deadly and dangerous places, the more likely he will get a donation from this old combat infantryman.  If the petitioner has jumped out of airplanes as part of his lethal service, his chances go up even more. My poor spouse has been hearing for decades my unending refrain that we need more Airborne Rangers...(Read Full Post)