Trump vs. the bureaucracy

As a child, my image of the government was formed by old newsreels from the 1940s and ’50s in which government officials were all stately gentlemen acting in the best interests of the nation.  As I grew older, that image became increasingly tarnished with every passing year. By this time, that image has degenerated into one of a government run in large part by kleptocrats, liars, and outright hucksters.  I believe that Hillary Clinton was among the worst of them, and had she won, I am convinced that the republic would soon have ceased to exist.  If that opinion sounds hyperbolic, it is shared with greater minds than mine.  For example, Lou Dobbs, in a televised interview, opined that Trump’s election had rescued the nation from disaster. The saga continues, however, as we find that the inhabitants of “the swamp” are in what one commentator referred to as an existential struggle.  Their jobs are at risk.  Indeed, in some...(Read Full Post)