Trump haters, take a deep breath: he's not in office yet

In recent days, I have become more and more amazed at the number of people out there blaming Trump for various problems in our country.  They are so eager to begin their assaults on Trump that they don't even want to bother to wait until he's officially the president.

I remember back when Obama was first elected.  I didn't have the greatest confidence in him, but I certainly wanted to give him a fair chance before starting any criticism.  I also have some uneasiness with our president-elect.  Will he be able to keep his temper in check and be willing to effectively communicate with his critics?  Will he be able to keep foreign relations in good order?  I don't know, but shouldn't Trump at least get a few months in office before claiming that he's a failure as a president?

Trump and Obama do actually have something in common as presidents.  Neither one had any previous political governing experience.  Yet they were elected to govern the greatest country on earth – a bit of a roll of the dice.

None of us truly know what Trump is going to do, just as none of us truly knew what Obama was going to do.  Once a president is elected, Americans are all better served to hope the president does a good job.  To hope our president fails is to hope our country fails.

People realize that Trump is indeed different then previous presidents.  And his critics are uneasy about not quite knowing what to expect.  His supporters are eager for his new ideas and actions in improving our country.  Why not give him some time to see what he actually does?

What's really confusing are the critics claiming that Trump is a racist who will bring back the segregation era.  These accusers are asked for specific evidence of Trump being a racist, and they just dodge the question.  Before Trump was elected, he was certainly still in the public eye.  Where were these critics back then making claims of his racism?

It's unsettling to see the panic and desperation by Trump's critics, who even claim he's not a legitimate president.  At this point, I would encourage his critics to take a deep breath.  Like it or not, he's going to be our next president.  We will all be watching to see exactly what he does to get our country back on track.  Let's hope for the best, and if indeed he gets things improved, let's be thankful.  Just like Obama, if Trump doesn't have success, he certainly then will be fairly subject to criticism.

And hey, one positive change we can count on will be the end of presidential critics being accused of being racist, right?

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