If Obama had a son, would he look like Chelsea Manning?

By now it is well known that Obama has commuted the sentence of "Chelsea" Manning, the transvestite traitor who released many classified military secrets and was sentenced to a long term in jail.  Obama seems to take a casual attitude toward the release of military information to our enemies.

But Obama has shown much greater alarm regarding the released emails from the Democratic National Committee files, allegedly by Russian hackers, even though no national security secrets were revealed.  Why is that?  I think because Obama decides everything based on identity politics.  He doesn't look at the nature of the crime; he looks at who he thinks committed it and how virtuous that person's group is.

That's why he's released over a thousand "drug offenders," many of them drug dealers, many of them black.  That's why he's nearly emptied the prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, effectively shutting it down by releasing nearly all the most dangerous prisoners.  (There are an estimated 55 or fewer left.) Although Obama would deny it, these are Islamists, and Obama has always had a soft spot for Islamists.

Obama has been practicing "catch and release" of illegal aliens for years, as if he were a professional fisherman entertaining himself with recreational trout fishing, again because of identity politics.  And now he bestows a favor on a white man, not because he's white or because he's a man, but because he's a favorite of the LGBT movement, being a man who claims he's a woman.

One has to wonder if Obama sees a little bit of himself in all these groups.  He must certainly relate to the drug dealers, having been an admitted cocaine user himself.  His father was Muslim, and he grew up in Indonesia; this doesn't tell us if Obama is a Muslim, but it is likely to make him sympathetic to Muslims, even the ones trying to kill us.

And what explains Chelsea Manning?  When the black thug Trayvon Martin was shot dead while trying to pound a man's head into the pavement, Obama said that if he had had a son, it could have been Trayvon.  Perhaps Obama believes, given his support for the LGBT movement, that his son could just as easily have looked like Chelsea.

Questions for discussion:

1) If Obama caught the alleged "Russian hackers" and it was discovered they were male KGB agents who wore skirts and sports bras, do you think he would have commuted their sentences, too?

2) Is "Chelsea" really being released from prison, since he is still a prisoner of the painful delusion in his own mind that he is a woman, which no amount of mutilating surgery, dangerous hormones, or taxpayer-funded voice lessons will ever be able to satisfy?

3) Do you think some people have a little of the other gender in them?  Do you, for example, see a little of the feminine side of Mr. Obama, or any of the masculine side of Mrs. Obama?

4) If Donald Trump wore Ivanka-branded clothes to his inauguration, do you think John Lewis would reconsider and attend?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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