Time to kick the criminals out

There are too many criminals in our country.  If there's one job Americans will do, it seems to be commiting crimes.

I don't understand why there is protest against vetting aliens who want to come to this country to make sure they are not criminals.  I don't understand why sanctuary cities refuse to allow the deportation of aliens who have committed crimes.  Cheap labor is one thing, but good or bad, it shouldn't apply to the commission of crimes.  We have our own domestic criminals.  We don't need to import more.

Not all illegals intend to lead lives of crime aside from breaking immigration law.  Some come in hopes of higher wages and more comfortable living situations, some for free stuff.  Either goal deprives citizens of those opportunities.  If a country does not put the welfare of its citizens first, there is no reason to be a citizen.  So you won't be deported?  Even non-citizens are generally not deported, and re-entry is very easy.  So you can vote?  Illegal aliens sometimes do vote, and citizens often do not.

Open borders advocates don't even seem interested in keeping out the sick.  Swine flu is not the only adverse health condition that originated elsewhere and was brought here.  They are willing to risk the lives of everyone in the country to feed their feelings of moral superiority.  And for the most part, they won't be mingling with these carriers of tuberculosis and other diseases; we will.

I'm not the only one to suggest that those who support open borders should personally share their homes with the people they want to bring in.  Let them deal with people who have different hygiene practices and attitudes toward morality, religion, and law.  Let the reality of actual aliens mug them and their illusions of noble poor refugees yearning to be free.  Let them experience an epiphany that these would-be immigrants view "living free" as "living at the expense of others."

Eight years of supine purported enforcement of immigration law has eradicated my last vestige of tolerance for these criminals.  Close the border, and send the trespassers back via whatever path got them here.  Let their families go with them or agree to be separated.

When our country was sparsely settled and labor-intensive industries were getting off the ground, healthy immigrants were useful and still had to meet certain standards before they were allowed in.  We have watched manufacturing go to other countries and our population grow beyond what the labor market can support.  We don't need more people.  You think one of them might have a brilliant idea we'd miss out on?  Fine – let them enrich their countries of origin.  We have a great deal more than most places, including ideas.  Let's fund people who pledge allegiance to our country, not foreigners who want to tear us down.

Party's over, illegals.  Time to go.

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