Repairing the wounds of Obamacare

Trump derangement escalated among the Democrat Senate and House minority leaders on January 4 as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi bewailed that Republican strategies to replace Obamacare "will make America sick again"!

How dare Republicans attempt to repair the gaping wounds in our health care system inflicted by government invasive species?  This reminds us of when President George W. Bush was blocked by the Dems from attempting crucial and very belated repairs to the Social Security system.

How will this scorched-earth sour-grape whining revive rapidly declining Democrat support or contribute to bipartisan solutions?  Statements such as calling half of the Trump supporters "racist irredeemable deplorables" contributed to their unparalleled presidential, congressional, and state government election defeats in November, with a 2018 Democrat election earthquake on the horizon.  They continue their Harry Reid stonewalling of any legislation that would help restore liberty, justice, and fiscal health.

Since Trump's election, the Democrat leaders have been complaining about our major crises as if Republicans controlled the presidency for the last eight years, or as if Trump were already in office!

Democrats deflect and project their failings instead of owning any blame because taking personal moral responsibility is absent from their collectivist definition of liberty.  Progressives are unwilling to admit why the tide is turning against them.  Surely the Obamacare disaster would convince statist liberals that drastic government incursion into health care – or into any arena beyond their constitutional responsibility  could never succeed.

How could they be willing to violate America's founding principles by extorting payment for the extensive medical expenses of the older population from the young?  Why is that younger population prevented from buying inexpensive and simple catastrophic medical insurance?  Why are conscientiously healthy insurees coerced into subsidizing the extensive health care interventions which flagrantly unhealthy people always require?  Why did Jonathan Gruber admit that Obamacare's passage depended upon the "stupidity of the American voter"?  The freedom-loving commonsense Americans who have finally upturned the political status quo know the answers.

Tweeting directly to every American who has subscribed to Trump's Twitter account has our progressive brethren in hysteria because the political and main media cabal is finally being undermined.  Wait for an upsurge in liberal elite apoplexy when Trump continues to tweet after taking office.  I wonder if SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon have the courage to portray the hilarious, over-the-top outrage against a president-elect who dares to bypass both the leftist media and the dinosaur political establishment.

It is poetic that not one Republican voted for Obamacare, which was illegally and unconstitutionally passed, unexamined, in the dead of night.  Health care insurance and medical services will be restored to free-market principles and individual choice  two foundations of liberty we implore Democrats to embrace.

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