The Obamas’ post-presidency money machine

How greedy will the Obamas be once they are free to start making deals with speakers’ bureaus, book publishers, television broadcasters, movie producers, boards of directors, and other providers of part-time and episodic employment of the most lucrative sort? Most unfortunately for the plucky couple, the last Democrats to leave the White House gave a bad name to the shameless pursuit of wealth from mega-rich interests.  So a man in his early fifties vitally concerned over his historical legacy might want to think twice about cashing in.  But the Obamas have demonstrated a love of luxury, perhaps the product of childhood, adolescent, and young adult frustrations over status deprivation.  Many leftists I have known have been deeply envious of the wealth accumulated by entrepreneurs, in particular, whom they see as greedy, mostly uneducated, and certainly unworthy of lording it over themselves, and enjoying financial security while they struggled. Ed Lasky...(Read Full Post)