The 'ladies' of the Women's March: Not powerful, not tough

We last saw these women – liberal, largely white, and middle- or upper-middle-class – sobbing their eyes out in the early morning hours of November 9.  Now here they are again in the streets of D.C., channeling Lena Dunham – not posing for the camera while squatting on a toilet bowl eating cake, but close, giving everybody the finger while chanting obscene, filthy slogans and screaming about how powerful they are and how they're not going away. Well, they're not that powerful, because otherwise they would have carried the election for Hillary.  And they certainly aren't tough – not tough like the many male police officers who make it safe for them to run this way, and that in the streets of our nation's capital, in order to pretend they are.  Not tough like the really tough women either running or helping to run American farms and ranches and an endless variety of other endeavors across this land.  Not tough like my...(Read Full Post)