The hollow women planning to ‘march on Washington’

There is nothing that better tells the story of leftist hypocrisy and intolerance quite as well as the planned "Women's March on Washington" January 21 to protest Donald Trump's inauguration.  The idea springs from the activist mind of Teresa Shook, "grandmother and retired attorney in Hawaii."   The organizers expect 200,000 people the day after inauguration day.  The potential protesters?  The usual band of self-described victims of all manner of discrimination who, in their collective opinion, illustrate the ongoing crime that is America: immigrants, African-American women, LGBTs, women for equal rights, anti-police women, women for gun control, the Planned Parenthood pro-abortion crowd, and of course the insane Code Pink.  In other words, the usual suspects – all those people who never have a good word to say about the most successful, least racist, freest (before Obama) nation on the planet....(Read Full Post)