The Four Horsemen of the Media Apocalypse

Watching CNN yesterday evening was like seeing four men who just won a $100M lottery trying to pretend they were not excited.  Jake Tapper, Jim Scuitto, Carl Bernstein, and Evan Perez could hardly contain their glee at getting to report what they fervently hoped could and would be verified as true.   They kept saying it had not yet been corroborated but they were clearly certain it would be.  They so badly wanted it to be true.  Watching with the sound off, anyone would have thought they were celebrating something electrifying, like man's first walk on the moon.  Then they mentioned BuzzFeed – hint-hint – so of course anyone who was interested in reading the actual dossier could go there and read it.  CNN did not have to discuss the ugly details contained within.  Tapper could spill the beans and pretend his own hands were clean.  BuzzFeed should be done and gone by...(Read Full Post)