The beauty of peaceful transitions

We will get back to the partisan battle zones soon, but let me share a memory of an important inauguration. Inauguration Day is a very special day that transcends partisanship.  Mr. Trump spoke the same words every new president has spoken since George Washington in 1789.  It is an awesome example of continuity and peaceful transition.  It is so rare in world history that it leaves you astonished, especially those of us who grew up in places where this does not happen. For many of us, Ronald Reagan will always be that special politician who made us conservatives.  It was certainly my case when I became one of those young Reagan troops fighting for the 1976 nomination.  (I still have a Reagan '76 bumper sticker in a box in my garage.)  Maybe Reagan '76 for us was what Goldwater '64 may have been to the previous generation. The Reagan troops were back on the field in 1980, when Governor Reagan sought the presidency again....(Read Full Post)