Santa Claus 11 months early for Mr. Trump

On Wednesday morning, I got an email from a liberal friend saying CNN was running a story about Russia and Mr. Trump.  My friend wrote something like: "If's over..."        Of course, we know now that the whole thing was a farce, the kind of stuff that happens to people when they let their passion or ideology take over their common sense.  Who will ever forget Dan Rather and the story about a young George W. Bush back in October 2004?    As my late father always said: "count to 10 before you invest in something that looks too good to be true." My guess is that BuzzFeed probably thought their decision to publish a memo about Mr. Trump and Russia would earn them the Pulitzer or the kind of acclaim that came with the Pentagon Papers years ago.  (For the young readers, the Pentagon Papers were leaked in 1971 about the Vietnam War.) Buzzfeed's decision backfired because it was so...(Read Full Post)