Rampant idiocy on the airwaves

I heard that Nancy Pelosi said she prays for America and Trump because of what he said about voter fraud.  I believe that a lot of us prayed when we had a speaker of the House who had such a reading comprehension problem that she had to pass a bill to see what was in it. Yesterday networks were complaining that the pipeline jobs are temporary.  Are they so ignorant that they don’t understand that all construction jobs are temporary?  They always support temporary jobs paid by taxpayers.  Maybe the problem is that the pipeline jobs aren’t government jobs. A couple of days ago, the WSJ had an article about the stock market dropping a little and saying the market was uncomfortable with Trump.  I guess the last two days shows they are comfortable with Trump now.  I always get a kick out of pundits who explain every little five-point move. John McCain and others are saying how bad it is that Trump backed away from the TPP.  They say...(Read Full Post)