Now is the greens' Waterloo

Napoleon's Grand Army was defeated in the Battle of the Nations in 1813.  The emperor abdicated and was banished to Elba.  But his army was not disarmed and destroyed by the victors.

Just two years later, Napoleon escaped and quickly re-mobilized his army.  Only Wellington blocked his path to Brussels, at Waterloo.

After a fierce day of battle, a weary line of redcoats still held the ridge at Waterloo.  But Napoleon's Old Guard had been held in reserve for this decisive moment.  Advancing like a spear, three columns wide, "The Invincibles" aimed to pierce the middle of the thin red line.

But a miracle occurred.  Withering fire on both sides of the spear from the thin red line sapped their strength – and Napoleon's Old Guard broke and ran.

This was the critical point of that battle (and for the Climate War now).  It is at the moment of defeat, with the enemy disorganized and demoralized, that the greatest gains can be made.  Too often, however, the weary victors waste this opportunity to pursue and destroy the enemy.

Wellington's exhausted army was incapable of pursuit, but a miracle occurred – General Blucher arrived at sundown with fresh Prussian troops.  The avenging German lancers pursued, captured, disarmed, and slaughtered the fleeing French all the way back to Paris.  Never again did the Grand Army threaten Europe.

In the global Climate Wars, Trump and Brexit have given us a victory of Waterloo dimensions.  But this will be only a temporary setback for the Green Globalists unless they are now ruthlessly disarmed and defunded.  If we rest and relax, we will soon be ground under their green sandals again.

We must immediately deny them funds, tax shelters, manpower, and legal support.

Not a cent more for climate conferences – send just one representative, whose only power is to "vote no on everything."

Rescind or ignore past climate "agreements," defund all U.N./IPCC activities, divert all climate research funding to weatherproofing infrastructure, remove all green energy subsidies and mandates, subtract all "climate aid" from foreign aid budgets, replace green propaganda with hard science in education agendas, and halve government funding of ABC, the BBC, and all other GreenBCs.

Starved of public funding and with constant fire at their flanks with bullets of truth, the "invincible" green army will soon falter and run.

Give them no rest until their infamous Grab for Global Power called the Paris Climate Treaty is rejected, never to rise again.

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Viv Forbes has studied science, economics, politics, and climatology.  He is currently a should-be-retired grass farmer with no other external income.  He holds shares in an Australian company exporting coking coal to steel makers in Asia.

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